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The fatted Grouse

The Famous Grouse has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest bottle of whisky ever made. In celebration of their 107th birthday, The Famous Grouse has produced a 228 litre bottle of blended whisky, smashing their 200 litre target, … Continue reading

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Jack Daniel’s goes for gold

Even though London 2012 has every sort of sponsor you can imagine, from energy to snacks, I doubt very much that there was the opportunity for a brand to become “Official alcohol partner of London 2012”. Aside from the Champagne … Continue reading

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Ain’t no party like a (Whisky endorsed) Paddy’s Day Party

As a whisky brand priding themselves on their Irish heritage, Jameson are adding to their digital activity this week by promoting St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish-let’s-have-a-party fashion.  The whisky’s Facebook gives visitors tips on cocktails and ways to ’embrace … Continue reading

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Baby it’s cold outside

Jack Daniel’s has unveiled a blissfully wintery new bottle design for their Winter Jack Apple Punch.  As in their print advertising campaign, Jack Daniel seems to be playing on American, log cabin nostalgia. The idea that Dean Martin may sip away … Continue reading

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UK and French ads

Here’s a selection of UK and French whisky ads from the past few weeks. There are very strict restrictions in the French market (for example, you can’t show any people unless they are the founder of the brand or work at … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Mr Jack

Jack Daniel’s like to celebrate their founder’s birthday for a whole month every year (September). This year he is 161 years young and there’s a new bottle design to mark the occasion…

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Carton Footprint

A designer based in Düsseldorf in Germany has developed carton versions of some major alochol brands. Jörn Beyer (aka Jørn) has created this ‘Ecohols’ series for Jack Daniels, Absolut Vodka and Jägermeister products. The packaging may be more sustainable, but … Continue reading

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Here’s to the American Spirit

Jack Daniel’s is an incredibly successful brand. It’s the world’s 5th largest premium spirits brand and the best selling North American whiskey (about 10m cases a year). Just over 50% of sales are in the U.S. but it’s also exported to over 135 … Continue reading

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How Stuff Works – Jack Daniel’s

This is a short video about how Jack Daniel’s is made: the process of turning corn into the famous Tennessee whisky.

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St. Ballantine’s Day

Looking at Google Trends data, it’s clear that all whisky brands enjoy a higher Google search volume around Christmas – as people are trying to find the right gift (and price) for a friend, colleague or relative. But a more … Continue reading

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