Ain’t no party like a (Whisky endorsed) Paddy’s Day Party

As a whisky brand priding themselves on their Irish heritage, Jameson are adding to their digital activity this week by promoting St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish-let’s-have-a-party fashion. 

The whisky’s Facebook gives visitors tips on cocktails and ways to ’embrace your Irish spirit’, (clever piece of copywriting there), more importantly acts as the publicising force for the Jameson Global Party on the 17th itself.

Jumping on the music band-wagon so often recently adopted by other alchohol brands, (Smirnoff, Jack Daniel’s, Tuborg), Jameson has got Razorlight and Mylo on board to play at a gig which will be streamed online alongside other events in Prague, Mumbai, Dubai and Sofia, giving Jameson the continental credentials it needs to compete with other global brands such as Ballantine’s and Johnnie Walker.

Users can also download branded material to make their party a true reflection of the Irish spirit, i.e. Jameson. From making cocktails to paper hats, Jameson can help you do it!

The idea is a pretty simple one in comparison to what other brands are doing with music and admittedly it seems like more of a tactical approach from the brand rather than a full scale campaign. Given the level of success from the Nightlife exchange project, one wonders how far Jameson can gain territory in the world of music credibility. The use of an indie band, a folk band and a dj is an interesting one, going in between the rock territory of JD and the DJs of Smirnoff but it does leave the band maybe feeling a bit lost.

Anyway, it’s a good time for Jameson to elbow in a bit of publicity amongst the market dominated by Scottish brands. In the mean time, Happy St. Paddy’s Day and even though Guiness may look like the drink of choice, remember whisky, in any form, is far better.

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