Captain Morgan: Live like the Captain? No thanks…

This professor was surprised last night to see a Captain Morgan’s ad’ in between a break for the England-Ukraine football international. Not only does it seem odd to see a spirits ad in media usually dominated by beer advertising, but there was something so forced about the away the spiced rum was trying to push it’s way into the male mindset.

Based on the male-stereotype of the “so-desperate-to-escape-to-the-pub-that-he’ll-pass-up- a- jacuzzi-with-his-girlfriend” boyfriend, the “Live like Captain Morgan” TVC shows the various stand-ins put in place by these pub-depseradoes in attempt to distract their other halves from discovering their actual whereabouts. Tricks include a totem pole in the shower and a stuffed gorilla in a hot tub.

As well as just fueling the idea that having a girlfriend means no pub time and being so badly dubbed it might as well have no dialogue, this advert is just annoying for the way it steps on WKD territory. Where WKD has succeeded with it’s “show your wicked side” campaign is its use of ironic self-deprecation, the Captain Morgan’s ad fails is the way it button holes men into pub going rum drinkers.

Looking into the brand’s comms a bit further however, I am curious to know why the brand hasn’t pushed some of the ideas it is currently using online. It’s Youtube channel is supporting young and up-coming musicians, why hasn’t it carried this approach into its above the line? This is most likely to be because of the Jack Daniel’s music dominance in the UK, but if the brand were so content on repeating such a typical advertising formula, why not go for something which has a little more depth?!

See why this Professor is so miffed right here- this German version explains the UK dubbing problems:


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