Stoli starts with an Absolut blank?

The flavoured vodka brand, Stolichnaya, (Stoli for short), has recently launched a new TVC campaign showcasing the “Most Original Night”. Through the eyes of director Jonas Akerlund, (famous for making videos for Lady Gaga and Madonna), we see how Stoli vodka literally brings colour to your night as a group of party goers dressed completely in white are sprayed with paint as they sip on specially infused flavoured vodka cocktails.


The TVC leads with the idea that the “Most Original People deserve the Most Original Vodka”, and its clear that Stoli are trying to combat the Absolut and Smirnoff prominence in the category of flavoured vodkas. The media choice alone shows a concerted effort by the brand to push itself to the forefront of young consumers minds, with the TVC appearing on main terrestrial channels during prime time shows.

In my mind, the ad’s party vibe along with the use of a giant white surface being spattered with paint is verging on Absolut Blank territory. Whilst the soundtrack, “Blessed” by Tom Hangs, adds the club feel necessary of lower-end vodkas. Nevertheless, by targeting the idea of orginality, Stoli are able to connect with hipsters who like nothing better than thinking they are original or breaking away from the norm, with a chili or honey flavoured vodka, for example.

In short, I like this ad. It makes me want to go out with my friends and get covered in paint. Whether it makes me want to drink a flavoured vodka is another matter, but it does make me want to do something different and original, which is exactly what I think these guys are after.

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