A seat at the Jager table

To many Jagermeister is the spirit of choice for those on a night-out. The cry for Jagerbombs- a shot of Jager with RedBull, (the cause of many a hangover)- is an all too common occurence amongst students and those-trying- to- relive- their- student-days alike on a friday night.

With this idea entrenched so heavily in the partying mindset, it is interesting, to see an ad from across the pond which tries to break-away from this idea.

As part of the Stronger Bond campaign the TVC, a ‘Seat at the Table’ for Jagermeister shows a secret elite brotherhood of made up of figures from American sporting teams and popular culture who welcome a new member before raising a toast with their favourite tipple, a shot of Jager. As the VO tells us, places at the table are earnt and it is clear that if you are to be a Jagermeister drinker you should be a person who has achieved something.

In some ways, the brand is staying true to the image we already have of it- the Jagerbomb ritual is probably the closest we will get to the traditional idea of a toast on a night out. On the other hand however, Jagermeister is stepping away from its ‘night-out’ charcteristics by setting up figures of aspiration for consumers.

This ad is perhaps not the best execution in the world, but is interesting to see how a spirit which has so greatly embedded itself in party culture, is trying to create a brand identity itself rather than relying on popular culture.

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