Balvenie: A lesson in bottle shots

In their latest press ad, Balvenie have really demonstrated how to effectively position their whisky into the field of type of genuine intellectual refinement a culturally-minded Asian market will aspire to.

By placing their bottle against a hand scribbled music manuscript, Balvenie are clearly saying that they are the whisky of choice for those leanred enough to, for instance, write their own classical music. They are making their whisky part of an artwork, as the copy line suggests, it is literally a product of ‘Art of Handcraft’.

There is, also a clear artistic link between product and graphic. The bottle itself complements the background. The numerous serial numbers and handwritten details make this whisky appear authentic and individual: as if it has come straight from the distillery, rather than massed produced in a bottling plant.

This ad, in short, is a great example of how to use imagery to make a bottle shot a little bit more than just a bottle shot, instead making it a testament to the brand experience.


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