A new diplomatic role for whisky?

Even though the Argentines are not exactly the Brits’ best friend right now, there’s still one thing they like about their Falkland rivals: the whisky.

90% of revenue for Kent based whisky brand, Old St. Andrew’s, are now from overseas and they are expected to increase by 30% following the firm’s recent deal with an American distributor.

Old St. Andrew’s itself also brews Clubhouse and Twilight whiskies as well as a healthy gin portfolio and bespoke products made to order. However, despite its recent success, 4 years ago the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. It wasn’t until Bob Gorton bought the company that the brand’s overseas potential was realised.

Now in partnership with a distributor the brand has already received orders from as wide a range of countries as America, Estonia and South Korea. Even though this is a good example of ‘the new owner done good’, the level of interest from developing markets and BRIC region also makes Old St. Andrew’s a prime example of the new potential growth market for whisky.

You never know, whisky could be the answer to the Falkland problem? Let’s send over a few crates and see…..

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