Can you handle the F-Bomb?

Canadian whisky brand Fireball have launched their latest ad campaign. The press forms part of a multi-platform strategy, running alongside Twitter and Facebook activity. On further investigation, the social media seems to be working nicely. The feeds are well monitored and have effectively kick-started what every brand is looking for in social media, a conversation with consumers. Like other successful Facebook brands, such as Innocent smoothies, Fireball asks consumers questions outside the realm of their product adding personality and a sense of community to the brand’s online environment. 

The print, included, however, is both grim and crass. I understand that Fireball is probably a challenge to swallow but I doubt looking like this guy will be aspirational to anyone! If I’m out with my friends I wouldn’t want to look like that after a shot of Fireball. The good thing here is the push towards social media and the call to action of handling the ‘F-bomb’, which will at least attract sales amongst ‘true lads’ the world over on a night out.

The spirit itself is essentially whisky blended with cinnamon, but the interesting thing here is that it seems to have succesfully marketed whisky to a younger audience, (like our friends at the Whisky Blender are trying to do). Granted it will sit alongside other ‘shot’ spirits rather than be appreciated by whisky connoisseurs but at least its getting whisky physically out there.


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