‘Freedom and Whisky gang thegither’ – Don’t forget the Haggis!

If you’re planning on celebrating a belated Burns Night this weekend then make sure you don’t forget to complement your drams with some haggis!

For those of you who don’t know, the Scottish festival celebrates the birthday of the famous poet Robert Burns, (his 253rd this year), who, throughout the 18th century penned many verses like the one you see above. The evening orientates around a meal which is punctuated with extracts of Burns’ work, praising both the Haggis- the traditional Scottish dish of a stuffed sheep’s stomach- and toasting the ‘lassies’.

So for the numerous toasting’s necessary for the evening, it would only be appropriate to choose Scotch, but the question is, which one? Whisky experts Neyah White and Taylor Boetticher agree that you should choose one which is lighter and sweeter. Boetticher advises against choosing a smokier whisky, suggesting ‘ a more malt-driven’ blend would go better with the oats and organ-meat Haggis recipe. Whiskies from the Speyside region such as Glenfiddich, The Macallan, BenRiach, Glenrothes and the Balvenie are recommended and if you would prefer a blend, try the 8-year old Sheep Dip.


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