Are you a little bored of your whisky cabinet or fancy a dabble in DIY whisky? Well, could help. This ingenious site lets you choose your own blend, bottle and even more importantly your own budget! Once you’ve entered ‘The Lab’, you can choose to combine a wide-range of flavours, from ‘Smoke on the Water’ to ‘Burnt Puddin’, and the end results don’t look half bad either. The bottle is le-git and you can make a pretty good blend for about £40 so not too expensive either.

The Scottish team at Whisky Blender describe the idea as a ‘wee bit of fun’ and are very quick to assure that they would never want to take away attention from the hard working blenders at the distillery. After my over-excited and mish-mashed effort I think this is definitely worth remembering!

The website also acts as an online community for whisky fanatics and offers classes from the Master of Malts, John Lamond. Instead, which is the danger of whisky, seeming like something you might drink with a pipe in a stuffy drawing room after a gluttonous supper, the website makes whisky seem modern and fun. All-in-all this is a very clever way to raise awareness of the Scottish industry and bring the world of whisky to a younger, more digitally-orientated audience. 

Try it for yourself at:

*BYOW- Blend your own whisky


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  1. Jorge says:

    BYOW is a Great blender!!!

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