Can you believe it?!

So last year we reported on the sale of Arkay. Now this beverage caught our attention for two reasons: Number one for its 0% alcohol credentials and number two because it came in a can. At the time, this was not the most pressing detail, it was the former which really got our minds racing. Now, however, the ‘whisky- in- a- can’ element seems to have set a precedent for the arrival of a new canned whisky this time containing 8 shots of whisky with a reported 80% strong alcohol rating. The blended scotch, called Sir Edwin’s, will hopefully be on sale in the US by February 1st and cost a mere $5.

Of course the nature of the cost and packaging has sparked accusations of encouraging heavy drinking, particularly as once opened the container cannot be resealed. However, the product’s launch remains on-hold until developers can find a way to reseal the can. Nevertheless, company representatives have already jumped to Sir Edwin’s defence, claiming that the can idea is a simple economic solution to packaging and that the drink is intended to be sipped not gulped.

Sir Edwin’s has already attracted some fans, including Brad Danler, owner of New York’s whisky-bar Char No. 4, who has said:

‘I understand why beer makes sense going back into cans, but with whisky it’s certainly a surprise…I can’t say that it makes much sense to me, but if it is delicious, then I will gladly crack one open and enjoy 12 ounces.’

Despite the company’s best intentions, the economical and ecological credentials of Sir Edwin’s, this concept has definitely managed to remove some of the luxury associated with whisky. Whisky is generally associated with luxury, whereas cans are a little less prestigious, and the whole experience of selecting a glass, unscrewing the bottle top, pouring accurately and savouring a wee dram does not sit well inside an alluminium can! Particularly if every time you choose Sir Edwin’s you have to force down 8 shots of the stuff, let’s hope for those convinced Sir Edwin’s is the way forward they solve that resealing  problem!

(Apologies to anyone offended by the pun…Happy New Year Whisky fans)!

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