Jim Murray in your pocket

‘Appy Christmas to all you whisky lovers!

For all of you who hang on the word of the renowned whisky expert Jim Murray, you will be pleased to hear that you can now carry him around in your pocket, (smartphone ownership-status permitting), on your next trip to the off-licence. The author of the Whisky Bible has launched two versions of the application, (available through iTunes and Android app’ stores), which contain up-to-date tasting notes and advice.

The standard version of the application will cost £1.39 and is designed for the more ‘inexperienced whisky buyer’- offering 13 sets of tasting notes from the main regions of the whisky-world- whilst the ‘pro 2012’ format, costing £12.99, will carry the full 4,500 entries of the 2012 Whisky Bible. With each version, users will be able to search by brand, region or distillery to find out more about their favourite tipple.

Murray, very enthusiastic on the subject, has said: ‘…For the first time ever whisky buyers will be able to draw upon my experience, knowledge and my vast collection of tasting notes at a time and place where it matters most…’, (i.e. at the checkout, so i’m guessing the whisky vendors will be rubbing their hands with glee)!


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