That’s Aldi price

In the early hours of thursday morning, dedicated Aldi shoppers and whisky lovers, queued outside the discount supermarket in the hope of getting themselves a bottle of a 40-year old single malt whisky. 3000 bottles of the Glenbridge malt went on sale in 450 stores across the UK at the bargain price of just £49.99. The whisky itself is said to be from a Speyside distillery which has yet to be named. The supermarket claimed the bottle could be worth up to £300, indeed a spokesman for the store said he would not be surprised to see the bottles to fetch up to far more on eBay.

With only about 6 bottles at each store, many shoppers were left disappointed. Those arriving at one supermarket near Oxford at 8 am were told they had been beaten to it by even more enthusiastic shoppers who arrived at 6 am.

The supermarket says that those lucky enough to sample the Glenbridge malt will discover ‘a beautiful mahogany liquid, with the aroma of dark chocolate and dried figs,
the sweet taste gives off a marmalade zestiness and the dry oak tannins fade into a lingering sweet and mellow finish.’

With so few in circulation, Aldi’s claims will be hard to verify.

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