Holidays are coming…

So, the first week of December has been and gone, which means one of many things, but in particular whisky-fans, you are probably wondering when to buy your Christmas tree? But if you want to go one better than the neighbour’s no-drop Norwegian spruced- up pine-flavoured spruce, then maybe you should have a look at how our festive friends at Jack Daniel’s are celebrating.

Jack Daniel’s,with the help of Arnold KLP, Arnold Worldwide and UM London has created the barrel tree.  The 26 foot high ‘tree’ has been built out of 140 barrels and constructed in Lynchburg Tennessee. It will form an integral part of the brand’s global winter communications message, ‘…it’s not what’s under the tree that matters. It’s who’s around it’, running across TV, OOH, press and Facebook.

The appropriately sentimental TV ad’ sums up Jack Daniel’s’ recent sense of pride and does leave you feeling all warm and festive. So pat-on-the-back for the Bourbon choosing to edge in on the festive season in a way which is more than just a ‘limited edition’ bottle with a red ribbon tied around it. This at least will get people talking, or at least plotting how to do one better.

Personally, I think JD should also be praised for their excellent recycling endeavours. I mean America doesn’t have Guy Fawkes so I don’t think they’d be able to get away with a giant bonfire so this the most logical solution for all those pesky old barrels isn’t it?

Anyway, holidays are indeed on their way so I doubt this will be the last bit of festive advertising we see, but, for now, have a look at the TV spot and start thinking from where you might be able to get some of those barrels… I for one would love to build one in the office, answers in a comment please.

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