Jose Cuervo joins forces with OKGO

Ever wanted to be a rock-star? Well now Jose Cuervo is offering you that chance, allowing consumers to share the stage with the American band OKGo celebrated for their viral videos, (including a dance routine on treadmills)

The campaign revolves around the idea that a shot of new Cuervo cold doesn’t last forever and that fans, wanting to watch the band on stage, will have to pay close attention to the brand’s website to find out more about the up and coming gigs.

The band will take part in a series of shows across Sao Paulo and Rio which will culminate tonight in the first ‘shotcast’ a live video stream featuring the profile pictures of fans who have chosen to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter or use the gadget on the webpage.

In true OKGO fashion the images will not simply be displayed but will be instead become pixels of an entire image.

Overall, it’s a good bit of content, (courtesy of Albion, London), but I wonder if the brand’swish to make the feeling of Tequila last longer is a good thing?

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