Glenfiddich’s Secret Box

This is old news, from June 2010 and before I started Professor Whisky, but it’s worth mentioning anyway, as a good example of how a whisky brand can use the blogging community to generate buzz around a new product or campaign.

In a nutshell, Glenfiddich sent 10 whisky bloggers an email asking for their addresses and telling them that they would be sent an important package. These packages turned out to be locked wooden boxes, each containing a bottle of distillery-only cask strength Glenfiddich Solera 15. Each blogger was also sent the padlock combination for someone else’s box, so they had to find each other online to find the combination.

In reality, some picked the locks first, or worked their way through the 1000 potential combinations (it was a 3 digit lock) to get it. It’s a shame that Glenfiddich did not make the locks more robust, to extend the suspense. But they all blogged about it, which was of course the main aim, and raised some awareness of Glenfiddich and their new Explorers campaign.

Maybe I’ll receive an exclusive whisky if I keep blogging! In the meantime, you can read more about the Glenfiddich campaign on The Whisky Exchange and Whisky Critic blogs.

Whilst this kind of thing is still relatively rare in the whisky category, there are some fantastic case studies of brands generating online buzz by targeting their core fans in a much deeper and involving way than typical advertising. If done well, it can then reach a mass audience too, by generating word of mouth and PR. One of my favourite examples is the Batman film The Dark Knight. Check out the video:

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