Happy Father’s Day…

It’s generally agreed that Mother’s Day means buying a card and either flowers or chocolates. Easy.

Father’s Day is a bit trickier. There are no standard gifts for dads and the less famous of the parental celebrations can often creep up on you at the last minute (don’t panic – it’s the third Sunday in June, for our UK and US readers anyway). So there is a clear opportunity for whisky to become closely linked with Father’s Day and drive sales, in the same way that florists see business boom every March or April.

First Drinks (owned by William Grant & Sons) have just announced the release of new products for Father’s Day in the UK and Duty Free this year, including Grant’s, The Balvenie and Glenfiddich. You can read the press release here, and this is what Una McCullough, Marketing Director at First Drinks, had to say about the strategy:

“Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to boost their whisky sales and both blends and malts should be given prominent display in-store to make it easy for gift purchasers. Research shows that almost half of all whisky purchased in the off-trade is bought as a gift so retailers should really take full advantage of sales tools such as gift packs to boost consumer spend at this time of year.”

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