Setting the Facebook standard

Facebook has been around for a good 5 years now. 500 million people use it. And thousands of brands have dipped their toes into Mark Zuckerberg’s social phenomenon. So it’s a bit odd how few innovative marketing campaigns there have been on the platform. Smartphone apps have provided many of the digital marketing highs of the last few years – leaving Facebook in their wake. Part of the reason is that Facebook has focussed on the quick revenue potential of simple asu display ads (the little box ads on the right of their pages) and constantly changes the functionality of the site, making it difficult for ad agencies to create effective and engaging branded content.

But some interesting ideas make it through the development hoops. Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice Facebbok app comes to mind, with 60,000 installs in the first 10 days (campaign summary video here) and Ikea have done some great work over the last couple of years (‘Showroom’ campaign summary here).

Ok, so it’s not strictly about whisky, but the latest Russian Standard Vodka campaign (developed in Germany) shows that spirits brands can do more on Facebook than set up a brand page and sit back to watch the number of fans crawl upwards. The basic idea is that a small group of friends sign up to the brand’s twist on Russian Roulette – with the loser having their Facebook account permanently deleted. This video explains it better than I could, so take a look:

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