The art of beyond

Ballantine’s whisky is not sold in London, outside of the major airports’ duty free stands, but London is where the brand has just unveiled the ‘Ballantine’s 12 Art of BEYOND Bar’, at the Nettie Horn Art Gallery. The installation project has been created through collaboration with six international artists. The result is, according to the press release, “a premium and stylish bar that offers a contemporary Scotch whisky drinking experience beyond the ordinary”.

Each artist worked on different elements of the bar. The Bulgarian architect and designer Jovo Bozhinovski created the floor of the bar, drawing inspiration from the Scottish landscape. French light artists Creatmosphere used colours from the the Scottish highlands, combined with the gold whisky colours, to create the light show. Oskar Zeita created the bar and Lee Broom created the bar stools. Lee (@leebroom) tweeted this last week: “The bar stools I’ve created for Ballantines 12 ‘Art of Beyond bar’ look like crystal whiskey tumblers, Oskar’s bar looks like ice cubes.”

Click here to read the full press release, including an overview of the project from Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s.

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