ScotchHunter iPhone app

I’ve just come across the new ScotchHunter iPhone app. It allows you to browse tasting notes, record your own notes, add pictures, share content via your social networks etc. You can filter the featured scotches based on price and flavour (e.g. ‘sweet’), and you can buy products directly from the app.

I’m always slightly suspicious of the kind of glowing iTunes consumer reviews this app has (see here). You can’t tell if it’s the creators themselves saying enthusiastic things like ‘this app is a great buy’, so I’ll have to try it out for myself and report back next week.

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One Response to ScotchHunter iPhone app

  1. I actually found this app quite irritating to use. There were a few problems with the design and some of the permutations (for region, flavour and price) didn’t have any related whiskies. Hopefully some updates can improve it, as it’s a nice idea.

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