A cask from the past

The Glenlivet 70 Year Old has arrived. From Feb 3rd, 1940, to be precise. As the Allies and Axis nations kicked each other around the continent, somewhere in Scotland they were carefully distilling this rare scotch. And this is the fruit of their labour. Just 100 bottles have been released – each in this elegant decanter and wodden box.

It’s had some great reviews so far. Here are the tasting notes from Chris Hoban (from the site masterofmalt.com):

Nose: At first, the impact is blood oranges, tangerines and a waxy nature. Then what follows is vanilla pastries, Jaffa cake jelly, bananas and a biscuity malty note. Really fresh. It jumps out of the glass and has such life for something with such age.

Palate: Slight hint of ash, slight hint of peat, again an orange jelly and zestiness Creamy and slight hints of a Ruby Port.

Finish: Beautiful. Liqueur chocolates, stewed apples and high cocoa dark chocolate. A nice citrusy note followed by the first taste of dry oak. This tiniest bit of dryness entices you to taste again. Sadly my sample is all gone.”

“One more thing”, he writes. “The only whisky this can really be compared to is Mortlach 70. I prefer the Glenlivet 70. It suits my sweet tooth, it’s fresher and has more vitality while still exhibiting the moreish nature of the Mortlach.”

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