10 Whisky Tips from Johnnie Walker

Ask Men have teamed up with Johnnie Walker for this article on Scotch whisky tips. The 8th tip is confusing, as Scotch only comes from one country – Scotland.

Here is their top 10 list.

10 – Scotch whisky is not just for old men.

9 – You can drink it in a cocktail.

8 – Scotch whisky flavours differ from country to country.

7 – The difference between single malts and blends.

6 – Choosing scotch whisky takes care.

5 – You need a good setup.

4 – You should fire up your senses beforehand.

3 – Drinking whisky is a three step process.

2 – There’s no “correct” way to drink it.

1 – The Rob Roy is the classic, iconic Scotch whisky cocktail.

The Rob Roy is a twist on the Manhattan (made with bourbon or rye whisky rather than Scotch). Johnnie Walker’s brand ambassador describes his classic version: 

–          45ml JW Black Label

–          15ml Sweet Vermouth

–          Dash orange bitters

–          Stir and strain

–          Garnish with a cherry or an orange zest

Johnnie Walker also have tasting videos on YouTube. Like this one for JW Black.

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