Monkey business

Monkey Shoulder has launched an interactive treasure hunt called ‘The Legend of the Blind Monkey’. People are invited into a world of feuds, powerplays and mobster wheeling and dealing as the Boss Monkey searches for his successor to rule Golden City.

Three monkey mobster families will fight to rule Golden City through a series of complex on and offline challenges.

Monkey Shoulder is challenging wannabe gansters to pledge allegience to one family to start their leadership campaign.  The adventure culminates on December 4th at the Mobsters Ball and a chance to win the top secret Golden Treasure.

Players must choose wisely to make sure their personalities match up to the demands of the three mobster families. You can sign up to either the Utan Clan (“strong as rock, subtle as brick”), Zees (“frisky, risky and likes whisky”) or Society of Shadows (“nimble, quick and handy with a candlestick”) on facebook for the adventure to begin.

To complete the challenge you are sent to search related websites for information, you have to impress the boss of your chosen Family, solve riddles and codes and generally spend quite a bif of time thinking about the monkey underworld!

As the challenge progresses, players will discover some of the game’s characters positioned in key bars across the country armed with clues to the treasure hunt. Google Maps is also used, directing people to clues and new tasks.

The prize for those willing to take on the challenge is a ticket to the exclusive Mobsters Ball at a hidden London location. Those lucky enough to be at the ultimate monkey speakeasy can participate in a final challenge to win the priceless Golden Treasure of the Blind Monkey.

I’m currently on part 3 of 9. See for yourself at

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