Irish whiskey ads

Here are two current press ads for the Irish whiskey brands Jameson and Powers (both owned by Pernod Ricard). The Jameson ad uses the endline ‘easygoing’ and shows two men talking casually, with one saying to the other ‘Is that an alligator or a crocodile?’

I’ve just looked up the physical differences between alligators and crocodiles and I’d say it is an alligator. The upper jaw looks slightly larger than the lower jaw and the snout is more rounded than v-shaped…

He could also reasonably ask his friend ‘How come this bar opens up into the middle of a major junction?’

The Powers ad has the headline ‘Discover the strength of flavour’ and the main image shows a glass of whisky, photographed to show a halo of light surrounding it. I’m not sure if the endline (‘Powers. It’s ours.’) is supposed to rhyme. It depends on your accent.

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