Markets emerging…

The new Euromonitor report on ‘Alcohol Drinks and The New Consumer’ analyses loads of interesting trends that are significant for the whisky industry. Far too many to detail here. One thing that appears consistently is the importance of emerging markets to the future of the drinks industry, in terms of volume and value. This map shows the projected volume rate of change to 2014, with countries like India, China and Ecuador seeing the fastest growth.

Other interesting nuggests include:

– On-trade had a bad 2009 in Europe, North America and Australasia. In Westerm Europe, on-trade volume declined by 5% in 2009 (compared to a constant off-trade rate). And the drop in the last 5 years has been over 10%.

– If Greece and Spain vodka data is representative (and that’s a pretty big if), the consumers’ response to the recession has been to buy less ‘standard’ quality alcohol and the volume has shifted mainly to ‘economy’ equivalents. However, ‘premium’ and ‘super premium’ products have actually seen a slight relative increase in sales (2007-2009), which could suggest people ‘treating’ themselves more off-trade (whilst in general going out for drinks and dinner less).

– 2 new wine-information apps have been launched. Winefindr asks you to take a photo of the wine label and then offers customers instant price comparisons, recommendations and tasting notes. Yapp Brothers details the wines it lists, tasting notes, food matches and info on the relevant producers and regions.

Successful bridging of the gap between the online and offline worlds of whisky has yet to be done.

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