Martini Gold

One way to make your spirit brand stand-out is to hire a global film star as your brand ambassador and shoot your TV ad like an incredibly stylish Italian film trailer.

Monica Bellucci stars in this cinema ad for MARTINI. It looks like a trailer for the film ‘Martini Gold’, which is in reality the brand’s new vermouth – a combination of wine and spicy herbs, bottled in lavish black and gold packaging.

The product is ‘by Dolce & Gabbana’ and continues the collaboration between the brand and the fashion designers that has existed for the last decade. There are Martini bars in inside Dolce & Gabbana boutiques in Milan and Shanghai, and the designers have previously developed a ‘Martini-inspired’ suit and shirt cut.

At 90 seconds long, the ad depicts the glamourous lifestyle the brand tries to represent, but still manages to feature clear branding and multiple product shots. Read out of context the Italian dialogue sounds bizarre (“I love your eyes… you are the mother, the sister…”?), but they just about get away with it when you’re watching the ad.

I’m not sure how many people would bother to go to the website, where you can view interviews with Bellucci and (director) Jonas Akerlund, but the ad does a good job on its own of reinforcing the brand’s positioning and launching a new product.

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